Where should I start now?…. Mhmmm let’s see…

Today I’m gonna talk about my Maths Teacher “learning” portuguese. And you ask: What do you mean by “learning”? Well, when I had maths in this new school I told him (Maths teaher) that I was portuguese and he was so excited, I didn’t know why but I thought: oh well.

In the next lesson he started asking me how to say things like: “How do you say -> Do you understand?” And I said: “it’s entendes Sir” and he repeated after me saying “Entendeh?” and i thought “Uhh yeah sure” and he asked other things, it was very funny.

Some days later I saw my maths teacher and my science teacher talking and when they walked next to me i heard: “Im learning portuguese ya’ know. Do you wanna know how to say – Do you understand?- it’s: ENTENDEH” and later in that day in my science lesson my teacher was explaning science stuff to us and when he fineshed he said: “Entendeh? 😉 ”

And everyone was asking to each other: What?, Huh?, What does that mean? And i just laughed .  XD