Now I’m really disapointed. How can such a small young girl treat me like that: throw me food, shout at me and CAN’T stop annoying me, I seriously don’t understand. Does she even have a life, I mean, I’m not here to be rude but this girl is really making me mad…

I don’t know why but these people in England (Some of them) are just… like… I can’t even tell. That kind of people just know how to stab you in the back, ruin your chances to actually DO something usefull, that people only trick other people and I totally disagree with that and I think no one should deserve or do that.

And oh god. This new school is awesome but some students are just stupid and desrespect other. An indian boy (i think he’s from India), a portuguese boy and an english boy were together talking and when they saw me they started running faster like they thought i was an abomination and i felt really bad because the portuguese and indian boy  can’t do such a thing to me because i won’t let them. First because they’re not from England either, second that’s a terrible thing to do and third i saw that the indian boy is such a untalented and unfriendly boy and I’m way more than that so he has no right to do what he has done.