This week was totally amazing!

I started to talk much in my school, my teachers have been talking about me, I guess, because the leader of my comunity said: “I heard that you dance right?”. And I was like: Oh, you heard that? Mhmmm interesting. But i said: “Yes” 😛 . And that means I’m becoming “popular” not only because I dance, it’s because I dance AND I’m being a very good student, even my maths teacher told one person, who was going to join my group, that I was very clever so… yeah.

And finally, FINALLY, that girl who was annoying me stopped for ever. Because I talked to a person who’s the welfare manager and I identified the girl and the person started talking to her saying things like: “If this boy comes here again to talk about you you’l be in trouble.” or “Yesterday we’ve been talking about this, about irritating people” and  this means that she did or is doing this to other people, she must be popular in welfare.

And because of all that I’m starting to have more friends and I’m really loving my school!!